Questions les plus fréquentes

All participants must mandatory submit their complete personal and artistic information during registration. Recording is strongly recommended and may be mandatory depending on the requested teacher.
To add a recording to your personal space in ‘audio link’: we require a link to a website where your recording is uploaded. It can be a professional webpage, a social network, YouTube, or even a cloud storage platform.

Student selection is done in advance based on the application. For instrumentalists, the teachers may conduct an audition at the beginning of the program to assess each student’s level.

Your application is subject to the approval of the teacher. Your registration will become final when the teacher accepts your application. And a confirmation will be sent by email upon approval by the teacher.

The registration deadline is set for June 30th. But be aware! Some Master Classes fill up very quickly.

The schedule for individual lessons is determined by each teacher at the beginning of the session, based on their own pedagogical methods and once the class composition is known. For these reasons, it is not possible to provide the exact number of course hours in advance. However, we guarantee a minimum of 4 individual lessons during the session. The teacher is committed to monitoring the attendance and work of the students.
As a reminder, the Master Class includes: registration fees, teaching with the professor (subject to acceptance of the registration application), a minimum of 4 lessons during the session, access to individual practice studio (minimum of 3 hours per day), accompanist for non-pianists (2 hours per session), participation in the student concert determined by the professor, the possibility to attend all classes with the professor’s approval, free access to all festival concerts, daily lunch at the conservatory, and complimentary snacks.

Each student will need to book their practice studio for 3 hours per day. There is also the possibility to practice during the authorized hours in the University Residences for students accommodated by the Academy.